5 Top Tips for your Bristol Event

A blog in Eventbrite has given some really good tips for those looking to host Bristol events in the New Year. Events also come with a certain amount of stress for the organisers, so being organised in advance can really help you to get on top of the situation and stay ready for any eventuality.

1) Promote your event

You may feel like there’s less opportunity with so many competing voices and brand messages on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, but in fact the opposite is the case. Just think of it as a larger audience for your event. You just need to make sure that you message is articulated clearly and distinctly enough to stand out from the crowd. This may extend to posting tweets twice to make sure they don’t get lost in the mass of information on Twitter. Utilising the right contacts can mean that you get the right support online and in person.

2) Use technology to your advantage

With the right technology you can also have a spectacular audio visual event, but if the technology has not been prepped properly then this can lead to embarrassing sound and screen problems.
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3) Don’t be afraid to ask for a lot from suppliers

After all a packed event venue provides them with the ultimate marketing opportunity – a captive and engaged target audience. Remember that you are offering them as much as they are offering you and negotiate a good deal. Also bear in mind matching up your event with sponsorship – for instance a cider festival is the perfect place for cider suppliers to market themselves.

4) Bargaining on every front is important

With large scale supplies needed for a successful event, and lot of competition among suppliers, there is plenty of scope for great deals and hard bargains to be struck.

5) Choose a great event venue

There are hundreds of event venues across the UK but some have unique selling points. Our Passenger Shed is a good example as you can have your wedding or conference in one of the world’s oldest train stations, a magnificently beautiful building which is conveniently located next to Bristol Temple Meads train station.


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