Bristol Diners Tuck In At Za Za Bazaar

Bristol diners have set a December record for eating en masse at the newly opened Za Za Bazaar.
This concept restaurant served a staggering 60,000 dinners over the Christmas period when Britons, who usually like to tuck into a traditional Christmas dinner, sampled the various international delicacies on offer.
Za Za Bazaar prides itself on being the biggest restaurant in the UK and is set to part of a dining chain which aims to set 2,000 people per night in two sittings. Because the Bristol restaurant has been successful the next branch is due to open in Norwich with work starting next month.

Those customers can choose from a buffet with all the best Indian, Thai, French and Italian food on offer as well as other nationalities. The Bazaar has 35 specialist chefs making fresh food right in front of the customers and there are 130 staff employed to take food out to the guests. Nice touches which make the restaurant special are poppadoms and chapatis made to order. There is also a lovely finish inside the restaurant with plenty of detail applied to the artwork on the walls and fashionable metal piping on the ceilings.

za za bar
Za Za Bazaar recently opened in Bristol Harbourside and only added to the remarkable culinary exhibitions on show in the city. That includes events such as the cider festival which is to take place at Brunelís Old Station on the weekend of January 28 and 29 where a large crowd will be able to taste ciders from around the world in a convenient location next to Bristol Temple Meads.
Like The Passenger Shed, Za Za Bazaar is able to hold huge events and it is estimated that as many people as live in Torquay were fed at the Bristol restaurant over Christmas.


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