Running The Perfect Bristol Event


For those who love attending events, it is often easy to find fault even though most of us have very little idea quite how much hard work goes into planning them. By that token, for any event to succeed the key to its success will be meticulously planning down to every last detail. With that in mind we have given you a quick rundown on some top event planning tips, so that the next time you host something special at Brunelís Old Station it can all run smoothly without a hitch.

Plan, plan, plan

Planning is the key to any event, and it is where most of your time and energy should be spent - with proper planning your can stop a crisis from happening before it even starts. Your plan should help you tick off all progress points leading up to the event and include a secondary plan, or plan b, for the unexpected. For instance, if you get more guests than you are planning, are their other staff that can be roped in at the last minute?


Planning for a big event is a bit like going to a casino, make sure you have a budget in mind beforehand and then stick to that budget at all costs. Cash flow is imperative as you need to make sure that you have access to cash to pay for important fulfilment like the staff members and equipment. A balance sheet showing income versus expenses for the whole project is vital.

Legal Issues

Remember that we live in a society of bureaucracy and everything needs a permit. Health and safety is paramount so make sure you know what the guidelines are and stick to them, especially when it comes to hygiene and food preparation. Fire safety access is also critical, the last thing you want is for your event to be remembered for the wrong reasons.


Events are all in the presentation, bad lighting and bad sound can ruin your show no matter how spectacular it is. Put lots of thought into the decorations, catering and entertainment and it will pay off. Technology can be your friend or your enemy but with the proper planning it can help your show to stand out and remain long in the memory. If you would like information about Brunelís Old Station Bristol events then call us on 08446 622 970 or click here.

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