Bristol 2050 Expansion Plans Revealed

A visionary plan has been put forward to show what Bristol could look like in 2050 and it includes having an opera house in the centre of the city.
In a new architectural layout that is reminiscent of Sydney, there will also be an extension to the Floating Harbour.
This will be created by putting a barrage into the Avon Gorge. It will sit near to the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge which is the main landmark in Bristol. The idea would be to create a marina similar to the one that has been so successful in attracting tourists to Cardiff.
Under these extensive plans the Suspension Bridge would be supplemented by many other landmarks including a new waterpark to be built in the heart of the city. The addition of an indoor arena and a velodrome are also part of the expansive plans which will see Bristol significantly changed from its current layout. That will include a total redevelopment of the St Phillip’s area as well as remoulding the Cumberland Basin.


While Brunel's Old Station is already very convenient and accessible from its prime position near to Temple Meads railway station, the plans include extending transport to reach southern parts of the city. It could include a rail speed link to Bristol Airport and bus and tram schemes connecting other parts of Bristol that are at present difficult to get to.
That would be administrated by a dedicated transport authority for the North Somerset and North East Somerset area, Bath, Bristol and South Gloucestershire.
The plan is the brainchild of various influential business leaders in the Bristol area, a 200 strong group known as The Initiative which is supported by Business West and inclusive of various local chambers of commerce in the area.

The Initiative says that such drastic renovation of Bristol is needed with the population expected to grow significantly over the coming years, to the extent where it could subsume the neighbouring city of Bath, it is not quite clear where the money for such ambitious plans will come from in the current economic climate.

Former business leader and head of the Merchant Venturers John Savage told Clifton People: “The development of this vision is exactly what The Initiative was set up to do. We believe a long-term view is essential if Bristol is to realise its full potential as a leading economic and cultural powerhouse. We also believe that this area possesses more of the vital ingredients for a great and ambitious place than any other in the UK.”

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