The Hoff Makes Bristol Event Public Appearance

David Hasselhoff proved that heíll be ready in time for his much anticipated Christmas panto in Bristol with a special public appearance.

The Baywatch star was not afraid to step into the light on Thursday and give everyone a taster of his Christmas performance.

The larger than lifeguard will be playing the baddy in the Peter Pan Panto. His role as Captain Hook at the Bristol Hippodrome will involve plenty of singing and comedy for anyone who wants to tap into some early nineties nostalgia.

The Hoff was introduced by Heart radio presenters to a fanfare of percussion and dancing and soon made a connection with the crowd.

He revealed some great insights into his role at Captain Hook in Peter Pan at the Hippodrome, including the exciting news for fans that his performance will include plenty of singing. He also announced the winner of a Christmas advert calendar.

The Prize? A chance for the whole family to see the Hoff in action. The prize includes accommodation in nearby appartments; why not combine the fun night with a trip to the Narnia Christmas party which is held at Brunelís Old Station on Tuesday, December 20? The advent calendar competition is running every day in the lead up to Christmas.

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