The Top 5 Bristol Event Ideas

You have something to promote Ė but how do you go about doing it? There are hundreds of Bristol events held every day. Therefore you need something to make your event stand out from the rest, allowing discerning members of the public an easy choice of where to spend their day, or night, out. With that in mind here are the five most important event ideas.

1) Choose a great event venue.
The easiest way to make your event memorable is to choose a unique hosting location. There are some special ones in Bristol including our own, the historic Passenger Shed. Built by the master architect Isambard Brunel, you can choose Brunelís Old Station to make your special event atmospheric.

2) Get a great hook.

Most people love wine. So why not hold a wine festival as the chance to enjoy free tasting and drinking will attract lots of attendees? Most of them will end up purchasing something.
3) Think seasonally.

We are now approaching Christmas so why not hold a Christmas market, a chance for people to browse lots of exciting stalls in a warm and friendly environment.

4) Get a flexible event venue.

Do your research. Does the venue you have chosen have experience in hosting all sizes of parties or fundraisers. If not will they struggle if they suddenly get lumbered with a huge crowd. Brunelís has been used for both intimate weddings and huge dinner parties of up to 700 people and so has the flexibility to suit any occasion.

5) Think about your audience.

A truly great way to get both sexes to attend your event is to cater to females. Brunelís Old Station is holding a Mr Sexy competition which will get lots of ladies down to the Passenger Shed, both because they can see lots of attractive men, and because they can enter their own favourites for the competition. And events that have lots of ladies will attract lots of men, so the upcoming Mr Sexy event should be an unqualified success.

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