Donít make an Exhibition of Yourself

Exhibitions can be a great route to business success. Brunelís Old Station has hosted a variety of Bristol conferences and exhibitions, both in its historic Brunelís Boardroom and impressive Passenger Shed, for a variety of industry sectors.

If you are thinking of displaying at a conference or exhibition, try and ensure you stand out. It is important not to overlook the wide variety of promotional opportunities that are on offer, as the chance to have a room full of people who will have an interest in your products or services is too good an opportunity to get wrong.

Of course, you donít want to turn your event into one huge sales pitch, so how do you tread the line between offering visitors to your stand worthwhile and interesting information whilst promoting your company?

  Brunel's Boardroom for Bristol Conferences

Here are some top tips:

1.Select the exhibition or conference carefully. The ideal way to do this is to get hold of a list of visitors and footfall from last year's show, then evaluate this to see if your list matches your target market. Have a look at last year's Exhibitors from companies in your sector and find out if they are going to exhibit again this year and if not- why not?

2.Try not to set up you stand right next door to the entrance as you will find people will walk straight past you as they look to take in the exhibition format (a secret tip is that people generally tend to enter and walk around in an anti-clockwise flow, so grabbing a stand on the left is a good idea!)

3.Do your best to PR yourself ahead of the event by sending out emails and advertising on your website. Also contact your industry trade press and inform them that you will be there so that you ensure you get as many visitors to your stand as possible.

4.Fundamental to the success of your stand is to have good staff manning it. Make sure they know the product or service inside out and ensure that every person that steps on to your stand is treated like royalty.

5.Look to gather as much information about your visitors as possible so that you can contact interested parties after the event. A good way of doing this is to ask people to drop their business cards into a hat as part of a raffle. You then have a good database to send follow up letters to.

If you are thinking of hosting Bristol conferences, exhibitions or meetings at Brunelís Old Station, please contact Brunelís Old Station.

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