Brunels Awards Hype £500,000 Contract

Brunel's Old Station, one of Bristol's most historic buildings, has awarded event firm Hype Agency a £500,000 contract to host Christmas parties in its famous Passenger Shed facility.

The contract will run for five years, and support a wider customer growth strategy planned by the events hire team at Brunel's Old Station.

Entertaining approximately 100,000 guests over the past 10 years, Hype Agency’s Christmas parties at The Passenger Shed, the Old Station's largest Bristol event space, have become legendary.

Brunel’s Old Station chose the organisation, which is now part of the Fosters Event Catering group, over a number of other leading UK event companies.

Bristol Conference Centre

John Mott, the Chief Executive at Brunel's Old Station said: "Our experience with Hype Agency has been exceptional. Their creative ideas, coupled with their expertise and the tools they have to host their parties have combined to secure its position as our party agency of choice.

 "Brunel's Old Station is a significant part of Bristol's heritage and the prestige of being designed by Brunel, coupled with its scale and grandeur, make it the perfect place to host incredible parties. Hype Agency has definitely made the most of this in the past and we look forward to seeing the reaction to their exciting plans for the future."

 Vicky Fraser, the managing director of Hype Agency, commented: "Having worked for 10 years with Brunel's Old Station, we are delighted to have been chosen to continue this partnership.

 "Our experience shows that our joint offer really delivers - we have a 90% rebooking rate from an incredibly loyal client base and our aim is now to encourage more new customers to this amazing venue.

 "The win is also testimony to the core team of key contractors we work with who adopt the same can-do attitude as the Hype Agency team and reach the high standards we demand."

 Hype Agency’s Christmas 2011 event will run from 24th November onwards. It will see the 1500 sq metre Passenger Shed at Brunel's Old Station transformed into a magical venue able to cater for more than 650 guests for a sit down dinner party at a time.

Individuals and large organisations in the south west can hire this Bristol conference centre for large corporate parties or book tables on one of the eight shared event evenings.



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