Event Entertainment – think outside the box!

When it comes to planning a Bristol event, entertainment is often the most difficult aspect to organise.  Party planners are always keen for original and effective ways to amuse their guests without breaking the budget.  So, forget about the tribut band or the cheesy comedian, here are a ten ways to really entertain at your event:

·         Living Statues – beautiful and mesmerising, these human statues add a touch of class, prestige or mystery to an event.  From Classical sculptures to military figurines, living statues can be themed to suit any party and will have your guests asking ‘are they real?’ all evening.

·         Close up Magicians – one of the most popular forms of party entertainment, close up magicians mingle with guests using cunning and sleight-of-hands to amaze and intrigue.  Best known for performing tricks with cards and coins, magicians can use anything from dice, bottle caps, sugar cubes to sponge balls to cause a stir.

·         Acrobalance – the ultimate display of grace and strength, acrobalance involves two partners lifting each other into different poses and positions to create a mesmerising, artistic performance.  Usually set to music, this acrobatic art can be tailored to suit any event or party atmosphere.

·         Mime – one of the oldest forms of entertainment, mime is undergoing a revival due to its ability to combine physical craftiness with light-hearted comedy. Mime will engage and intrigue your guests with silent but striking performances.

·         Contortionists – a combination of the beautiful, athletic, weird, shocking and sensual.  Contortionists bend and flex their bodies in strange and dramatic ways to create a stunning performance.  They often offer a choice of choreography and costumes to suit any event.

·         Pickpockets - guaranteed to cause a stir these party pickpockets mingle with guests and use wit, charm and cunning to ‘borrow’ watches, wallets and keys.  This interactive performance art will leave your guests bemused but with all their possessions returned.

·         Escapologists – create some excitement and suspense amongst your guests with an escapologist.  Able to break free from handcuffs, straightjackets, cages or bags, this amazing performance art will enthral and entertain any audience.

·         Ventriloquists – widely popular for their live comedic performances and voice-throwing talents, ventriloquists provide interesting and engaging after-dinner entertainment using a variety of acts to engage with their audience and to tailor their comedy to suit the event.

·         Lookalikes – whatever the event, arrange for a ‘celebrity’ to turn up and turn heads among your guests.  From sporting heroes to politicians, the royal family to rappers there are lookalikes to suit all occasions and to captivate with their uncanny similarity to famous figures.

·         Aerial Art – something stunning for a larger budget, aerial art is an airborne acrobatic performance combining held postures and drops from ropes suspended from the ceiling.  A remarkable display of skill and strength, aerial art is an unforgettable way to entertain and astound your guests.

Whichever form of entertainment you decide to take, take a moment to consider one of Bristol’s largest and most unique venues, the Passenger Shed at Brunel’s Old Station, as the backdrop for your event and really bring the party to life!

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