No Shoddy Shaadi

Brunel’s Old Station is a popular space for a wide variety of events, allowing corporations and individuals to host successful functions, from business meetings in the historic Brunel’s Boardroom to a Cider Festival in the impressive Passenger Shed.

But its traditional Bristolian backdrop is not only limited to events themed along western cultural lines. For over eight years, The Passenger Shed at Brunel’s Old Station has been providing an idyllic backdrop to conventional shaadis, large scale Asian weddings that traditionally cater for over 500 attendees.

All too often organising a weddings is hectic and can be extremely stressful for those involved. Planning a wedding for up to 100 guests is testing enough in itself, so planning a Shaadi for 400 plus guests really is a full time job. This is an area where the event team at Brunel’s Old Station comes into its own, as it offers a selection of wedding packages that allow the bridal party to relax when it comes to the organisation of their perfect day, whilst still maintaining control over the personalisation of the setting and service.


Speaking from experience, the event team at Brunel Old Station has the following top tips to ensure your Shaadi runs as smoothly as possible:

• Be clear about what you want
The bride and groom should each begin by writing at least one full page of their “dream” wedding. This will help them to see what is and is not important for the day.

Manage your budget
Be clear about your budget. If family are helping with the funds, establish exactly what they are happy to give outset so that you can plan costs around the figures.

Can I have it in writing?
If you make any change in your contract before the event, ask for a confirmation in writing. If the supplier is not willing to do so, you write it up and email it to the vendor. Make sure that they receive it and agree the terms.

Keep the peace
Communicate with all members of your families what events will take place, at what time, locations and attire if necessary. People like to know in advance what is planned and it will help avoid any unexpected surprises.

Create a timeline of the day
Research how to make a timeline. This enables a family member or guests to know what to expect that day and call for help if something does not happen as it is planned.

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