Check, check and double check

It is very easy to assume that something has been done on an event but if you are in charge, then make sure you and your team check everything at least 3 times. There are so many elements to event planning that it can be easy to overlook something that you think has been done, only to find out on the day that it hasn't! Nothing is more stressful.

Even if you or your team or your suppliers have done it a thousand times before, there is still no harm in checking and checking again. The best way to do this is to get someone else to check it; if you are involved in every detail, then someone else will have an unbiased and clear view on the issue. Delegates can be disappointed right from the outset just because their name is wrong on the badge; make sure you have the best start possible and be like the Girl Guides - always prepared!

Good luck with your events and enjoy every minute.

From: Event Organisers Guide

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