Getting the best from a site visit

A site visit is your opportunity to understand how your event will work at the venue, so make sure the venue has every room or area you are using available for you to see. Arm yourself with a checklist to make sure nothing is missed.

Remember to ask searching questions until you get the answers you need, after all you'll be paying the bill!

Here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Is the venue easy to find, is the signage clear?
  • Check the distance and travelling time from the airport and railway

The Venue
  • Does the venue look welcoming, attractive and clean?

Registration Area
  • Where will this be located and is there adequate storage?
  • Is there enough space for staff and delegates?

The Meeting Room(s)
  • Which floor is it on and how will attendees get there?
  • Does it meet the size and layout you require?
  • What are the catering arrangements is it in house or out?
  • Where will the catering be served from?
  • Are the staff friendly and helpful?
  • When was the venue/meeting room renovated?
  • Are there any refurbishments due to take place when you have your event booked?
Remember the venue represents your organisation and you need to make sure it upholds your standards and reputation. A well-run and enjoyable event can only enhance your company’s image.

Content provided by the Event Organisers' Guide by Trinity Conferences Ltd

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