Moving the May Day Bank Holiday?

Do you think it is silly having two Bank Holidays in May? Do you think we should move one of them to another date and spread them out? Would moving one of the May Bank Holidays increase your revenue by having more corporate event saleable dates?

It is very hard to plan a conference or exhibition in Bristol in April or May, due to all the public and half term holidays. Event organisers tend to stay away from weeks that have been shortened or Half Term, to ensure the attendance levels to their events are high. If you’re business has a corporate market and is not Tourism based, April and May can be very challenging months to secure revenue.

Now it is your chance to have a say and make a change...

Pre-Consultation on moving the May Day Bank Holiday

Inviting suggestions for alternative dates and occasions

Why a Pre-Consultation?

There may be other possible dates and “occasions” which deserve active consideration. This pre-consultation therefore invites suggestions and supporting evidence for alternatives for a new date and occasion to possibly replace the May Day Bank Holiday, as well as allowing respondents to set out the issues that need to be included and considered within the main consultation. This pre-consultation will allow us to make the main consultation a comprehensive study of all the issues that are affected by the date and occasion of a bank holiday. It will also allow it to be more focussed, with a limited number of options including an option to retain the current early May bank holiday. We welcome responses from all sources, whether individuals, companies, or any other organisation. The main consultation will allow those who support or oppose the movement of the May Day Bank Holiday to express their opinion and/or supply evidence.

To take part and have your say, visit:

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