Art sales up despite recession!

Sales figures from Christie’s International indicate that collectors spent more on art last year than they did before the recession. The auction house reached new heights with £3.3bn worth of sales of fine and decorative art in 2010.

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Handy Tips from the Affordable Art Fair organisers to help you buy Art:

Preparation is key to anything and shopping at an art fair is no exception. Take some time to think about your requirements before you arrive at the fair. Have an idea of the space you are considering for the work and make sure you are familiar with colours, the degree of daylight and general surroundings of where it is to be placed.

- When you get to the fair, pick up a stand plan or catalogue at the entrance and take some time to look around a few times, making notes on galleries and pieces that you like, and the essentials, including artist, size and price. See if there are any postcards or pictures of the work that you can take away with you for reference.

- The gallery owners are delighted to answer any questions, so don’t be afraid to ask them! When you are considering a piece of work, ask about the artist’s history for example, if their work is included in any major collections or if the artist has won any public art prizes. Ask how the work was made, the measurements of the piece, and what forms of payment are available – many galleries now offer interest-free instalment schemes.If the piece that has caught your eye is out of your budget, ask if there are any other works by the same artist, or in a different medium. Original prints, such as screen prints and etchings, are a great entry-level option, and can also offer the chance to buy work by a big name. If you are unsure about a piece, ask if you can reserve it for an agreed amount of time. Remember, the dealers are there to help you.

Look again
- Take some time out to have a coffee or glass of wine and think through your choices. Consider a work’s liveability and the space you have in mind for it. Once you have considered your options, return to your shortlist of pieces with fresh eyes and a clear mind. If you feel you need for some further thinking time, AAF allows free re-entry on another day of the event, so you can even go home, look at the space again, and imagine your soon-to-be purchase there. Beware though - you don’t want to be left broken hearted if you return to find the piece that caught your eye has been taken by someone else!

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