Affordable Art to Look Out For

The Affordable Art Fair is nearly upon us and there will be some fantastic pieces on show in 2013.
Some that we can look forward to were listed on the excellent Bristol Bang blog as part of a feature on the Smithson Gallery.

The author of the blog says: “I love the Affordable Art Fair, it's always a great fair to visit offering a variety of art at affordable prices. All art works sold are under £4,000, with many in the under £500 bracket.”

One of the boldest works is 'Joy Ride', by Kareem Rizk, a fun piece featuring two shocked looking ladies in bathing suits who are sitting on a scooter. The painting uses green and orange colours in a pop art context and is sure to be one of the highlights of the show.

The Affordable Art Fair is held at the popular Passenger Shed (also known as Brunel’s Old Station) which is one of the main event venues in Bristol. Local residents will be intrigued by another artwork on show, 'Bristol Butterfly' by Emma Fellows. This projected butterfly cut-out is overlaid with a map of Bristol which suggests the gentle beauty of our fair city.

Paradise Awaits by Rose Sanderson is another truly exceptional artwork with fine detail on a long tailed bird, its blue calligraphy perch and a deep red background.

The Smithson Gallery participates in The Affordable Art Fair, which comes to Bristol between April 26-28 (Thursday 25 is a private view day).

Brunel's Old Station is at Temple Meads, BS1 6QH. Adult tickets are £4 in advance and £5 on the door. Children under 16 go free.

To buy tickets and for more info on workshops during the fair visit the affordable art fair website.

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