The Bespoked Bristol Bike Show

Life moves in cycles and the Bespoked Bristol Bike Show has the best cycles in the business so we hope that you join us for the weekend!

Between Friday, April 12th, and Sunday, April 14th, the Bespoked bike show comes to Brunelís Old Station in Bristol and this annual extravaganza proves popular every year.

This is the UKís biggest showcase of handmade bicycles with something for everyone. Some of the best craftsmen in the country will be here. Visitors to the fair can enjoy a fully custom process where they get bikes made exactly the way they like them.

Bespoked has connections with and representatives from high end niche markets so that you can get products which are unavailable anywhere else.

Whether you want a bit of gentle cycling, sports biking for speed or outdoor racing, everything from wheels, hubs and saddles are here to enjoy. You can learn how to make bikes or get bike parts sent to you from abroad.

The event has a fantastic atmosphere with lots of chatting and interaction, to make it ideal for novices and bike enthusiasts alike.

Fittingly Brunelís Old Station is easy to reach by bike with a network of cycling and walking paths nearby. There are also bus services from all over Bristol that pull up right outside this huge, historic venue. And of course it is right next to Temple Meads station so you can get here from any train station in the country, or drive here with ample parking in the back. We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 Bespoke Bike Show.

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