The All About Art Festival 2013

Brunelís Old Station is very pleased to welcome the Teaching Art Society (SAA) for their annual exhibition between Friday, April 5, and Saturday, April 6.

This is the first in a series of events around the country for 2013 when visitors to the exhibition can celebrate their love for art. The Society for All Artists will also be at London and Belfast later this year.

Itís All About Art 2013 is the UKís largest series of art events which bring art out into the community and help people to learn techniques used by experts. Whether you are a beginner or a dab hand at painting and drawing, come along and you are sure to find something that is inspirational.

All About Art 2013

The SAA gives everyone who loves art and painting the chance to unlock the creative potential and our venue in the heart of Bristol is sure to attract a large crowd from across the South West.

Brunelís Old Station is on the main train lines running north, south and east, as well as being close to the M4 and M5 motorways. Once here you can easily access any part of Bristol and surrounding areas via an extensive coach and bus network, cycling and walking paths. Bristol airport is even nearby!

John Hope-Hawkins, the SAA Chairman, stated on the website: ďAt the SAA we pride ourselves on offering the best possible support to all who love to paint. We love to receive ideas from members and to hear about your painting activities. Happy painting!Ē

Tickets for the event start at £8. Visit Itís All About Art 2013 for more information.

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