Jazz Age Christmas Party

A Christmas party that marries debauchery and decadence in a throwback to the Jazz Age will be held at Brunel’s Old Station.

The Great Gatsby Xmas party takes place this year at The Passenger Shed and will be a celebration of all the best aspects of the 1920s prohibition era.

Jaz Age Christmas Party

Brunel’s Old Station is a historic and atmospheric venue next to Temple Meads railway station in the centre of Bristol. This large venue, which has capacity for nearly 900 people, will be transformed into an underground speakeasy on a number of dates over December.

The night starts on a secretive note with a password required to make your way up the dimly lit entrance stairs. Ra Ra girls will greet you with an array of old fashioned cocktails as the band strikes up a tune.

Food is laid on by award-winning caterers, Fosters Events, and the surrounding tables will be buzzing with the thrill of elicit gambling. This is a night to say goodbye to your inhibitions and hello to the casino, all safe from the detection of the law! Let your hair down and dance the Charleston till the early hours of dawn.

The food menu for the evening is as follows.

    Breadsticks & Cheesestraws on the table


  • ‘Al Capone-ata’ Chicago’s Big CheeseOpen rosemary and olive oil artisan focaccia with aubergine, caper, olive, tomato & parsley caponata and pecorino, served with baby celery leaf salad and red wine vinegar dressing.
  • Main Course

  • ‘Gun Fire Chicken Vesuvio’
  • Thyme roasted chicken breast with garlic and paprika parisienne potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and crushed peas.
  • Dessert

  • ‘The Bribe’ Chicago Assiette:
  • Chicago Triple Chocolate Brownie, Baked Oreo Cookie Cheesecake, Shortbread With Cherry Compote, Double Cream & ‘Poker Chips’

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