Why Choice can be the Enemy of Events

There are so many events happening all over the country on a daily basis now that deciding which to choose has become a hard process.

In decades past we would have researched the event, but probably through word of mouth to find out the reputation of the venue that it was being held in.

Now the process has become far more in depth thanks to the internet. There are hundreds of websites whose job it is to promote and rate events, and events are arguably getting better and better because of the increasing competition. No event organiser can afford to have a bad experience because they know that if their event is a failure, all of their failings will be all over the internet within days.

Which event?

Overwhelming consumer choice can be the enemy of the event organiser – at any point in the ticket buying process the consumer may decide to drop out.

Charges to use a credit card or to post the tickets out may cause them to think again and decide to chance buying the tickets on the door.

If they haven’t booked in advance then their plans can be subject to all sorts of changes, according to where they are meeting friends, the weather and the appeal of other events.

The advent of mobile phones meant that it was no longer necessary to make a plan and stick to it, as it was so easy to make a call and change your mind at the last minute.

In a similar fashion the rise of smartphones and social networks mean that we receive up to date event information on the move, at any time of the day. Therefore a well timed post or tweet, shared by a friend, might impact the decision we make about attending events.

And so these are all factors we must taken into account when managing events. In summation:

  • 1) Research what other events will be happening on the day that you want to hold your event and assess the competition.
  • 2) Manage the process of marketing and selling your tickets. The mass of online data makes it easy to track and analyse the decisions of buyers. If you see that they are dropping out at a particular point in the ticket buying process then this can be responded to.
  • 3) Use social media to your advantage to keep your event fresh in the minds of your customers and potential customers. Remind them why they have made a good decision to choose your event venue!

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