How Passbook Could Revolutionise Events

A new Apple application could help make events that much smoother by cutting paper tickets out of the process altogether.

Passbook is coming out to coincide with the new iOS6 operating system and not only can it be used for event tickets, but it is equally useful for flight boarding passes or gift cards.

Although there have been similar apps, Passbook is distinctive because it alerts you when you are in proximity of the venue of your event, showing your ticket as a notification.

Then all you have to do is scan that barcode at the gate and you can get in no need to have to remember and carry cumbersome bits of paper around with you. Large players in the ticketing industry have already signed up to passbook including Stubhub and Ticketmaster, while global corporations are signing up as vendors including United Airlines, Starbucks and Sheraton. Eventbrite, the online ticket sales service, is also reportedly signing up soon.

passbook for events

The benefits for ticket sellers are obvious as Apple has a fifth of the mobile market share, a cult following and a massive database of credit card users.

However there are still some obstacles to easy adoption with the need for participating merchants to use a barcode scanning device, and the fact that the system itself probably has a few glitches to be ironed out. Apple products are usually of the highest quality but even Apple has its problems as can be seen from the recent fiasco with their maps rollout.

Taking up Passbook could be seen as a long term investment in an ecologically friendly and avant-garde technology. Whether event management companies decide to use it or not, it is definitely worth knowing that many of their competitors will, which will add a new landscape to the event planning industry.

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