Planning the Perfect Asian Wedding

Weddings are a joyous, yet nervous occasion for the happy couple. There’s so much to consider and so much to plan and prepare in advance. With that in mind we have compiled a short checklist on how to carry off the perfect Asian wedding without a hitch...

Forward Planning:

To make sure your Asian wedding goes well you need to plan ahead but you can’t do so unless you have set a date. Setting a date gives you something to work towards and ensures that you will prioritise everything you need for your Asian wedding in advance. Some factors to consider are choosing a time of year when the weather is nice and when your most important guests can come. Also make sure that your Asian wedding isn’t overshadowed by other events taking place at the same time.

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Set a budget:

This is vitally important – the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now a staggering £20,000 and costs can quickly rack up if you don’t set yourself strict budgets and stick to them.

To do list:

Before you say ‘I do’, make a ‘to do’ list to make sure that your day is perfect. It should include all the important requirements such as booking your wedding venue well in advance. Along with your ‘to do’ list, you need a list of wedding invitees, and a gift list to make it easier for them to buy you presents.

Use Professionals:

Wedding planners, flower arrangers, event organisers – they have all been there before and have the experience necessary to ensure that your wedding is a success. Spread the load as much as possible by getting friends and family to help, and use professionals to take the stresses and strains out of wedding planning.


Keep lists of all the people who have accepted and refused your invitation, but also think of the smaller details like getting your thankyou cards prepared in advance – the last thing you want to do is to have to prepare them over your honeymoon.


To ensure success make sure that you rehearse the wedding. There are so many things to think of that a short rehearsal the night before allows you to spot any potential problems before they occur.

Enjoy Yourself!:

Weddings can be stressful events but this is supposed to be about you and the person you love. Don’t let the ceremony get in the way of that, remember to enjoy yourself!

If you need help organising the perfect Asian wedding, contact Brunels Old Station today we have years of experience.

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