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The organiser of the Affordable Art Fair at Brunelís Old Station, Will Ramsay, has shared his tips for buying art with the Bristol magazine.

Mr Ramsay is aware that buying art can be a daunting experience, especially with so much on offer and so little that comes cheap.

However that is where the Affordable Art Fair (AFF) comes in, a forum for art lovers at all ends of the spectrum to appreciate and purchase art in an informed environment. The Affordable Art Fair which will take place at Brunelís Old Station on the weekend of May 18-20 will allow you to buy art at your own pace, with advice from seasoned collectors on hand at all times if needed.

affordable art fair

The AAF is a long running tradition which is now celebrating its tenth anniversary and has spread out over the world with fairs held all the way from Amsterdam to Zurich.

The Bristol edition encompasses 55 art galleries across the South West with amazing prices on every conceivable form of art including paintings, sculptures and photography. It is estimated that since the AAF started exhibiting in Bristol in 2002 a staggering £6.6 million worth of art has been bought.

Mr Ramsay explained what made Bristol such an ideal venue: ďWe considered all the larger, more obvious cities, across the country when we were looking for our first regional fair outside of London. But we kept coming back to Bristol with its huge arts and culture scene, and lots of talented artists showing in local galleries. It really was the ideal destination to attract a creative art loving crowd. 10 years on Bristol is increasingly popular with the thousands of local art-lovers looking to start their own collection.Ē

Brunelís Old Station makes the perfect venue for such an esteemed and well known art fair. Known as ĎThe Passenger Shedí, it occupies a stunning setting in a Grade 1 Victorian listed building which was built by the renowned civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Having functioned as a transport hub for more than a century, Brunelís Old Station remains easily accessible today by all forms of public transport including bus, car and train.

As well as art fairs and exhibitions, Brunelís Old Station has hosted conferences, Christmas parties, weddings and other special events. If you would like to make your Bristol event memorable, contact us today and let us help you organise the perfect occasion.

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